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Being the Best "Dressed" Man this Summer's Wedding Season - A sure-fire way to look better than the groom, and hook up with a Bridesmaid


Being the Best "Dressed" Man this Summer's Wedding Season - A sure-fire way to look better than the groom, and hook up with a Bridesmaid

Some dudes hate getting dressed up. The rest of classier male population take the opportunity to dress up as an opportunity to turn heads.

This year's wedding season (which started about a month ago...sorry for the tardy blog post), gives us the chance to show out. Bust out our fav suit, wear that tie you got for Christmas (or Hanukkah), and shoes you never get to wear.  You've heard the rule, "don't look better than the groom", I say f#*k that noise. Follow my guide to being the best dressed man at the wedding (or 8 weddings) you were invited to this summer. You will be the highlight of the mass amount of Facebook and Instagram pictures taken that night. #weddingpics

#1 - Put that solid dark suit away

Jacket -John Varvatos Tie/Pocket Square -The Tie Bar Shirt -Charles Tyrwhitt Pants - H&M Shoes - Salvatore Ferragamo Lapel Pin -Suited Man

Break the 2010 mold, and go 1970's. No one died, you're not a funeral, keep the dark suit in the closet. A wedding is a time of celebration, so celebrate your sense of style in a fun pattern, or atypical pastel color blazer. One rule however - make sure it is tailored and fits your correctly. If not, you have the chance of looking like Bill Nye the Science Guy. Also, if you are going with an eye popping jacket, bring yourself back to reality with a solid shirt and matching tie. Although you want attention, you don't want the bride to kick you out. 

#2 - Spread that collar and put some hardware on your wrist


Okay, maybe you simply cannot go out and get a new suit, I get it. You are limited to the navy one you bought 5 years ago for graduation. So spice up your life (Spice Girl reference FTW) with a sharp color, sharp pattern, and sharp edges on your shirt. Charles Tyrwhitt has a plethora of options of various fits, spread collar, patterned shirts that are simply made for the wedding season. The "Spread Collar" shirt - which is exactly as the name suggests; a collar that is spread out wide - accentuates your manly neck, adds class to your look, and gives you the ability to rock a phat a$$ tie knot. Then you must close your shirt details with your fav cuff links. My personal rule, french cuff or GTFO...#justsayin

#3 - No "Show" Sock Saturdays

Shoes - Salvatore Ferragamo Pants - H&M Socks - Sperry TopSider "No-Show"

Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of the sock. The more outlandish, the better. However, for the summer wedding season, I am all about no show sock Saturday! It is a fun way to remove a layer of heat inducing fabric, while maintaining a clean sleek look to your wedding suit. I know, you are saying, "no way! Those shoes will spell like a dead animal after a night of dancing and walking around with no socks on." Well, people smarter than us have come up with a cleaver "no-show" sock. It gives the appearance of no sock, however provides that thin layer of sweat protection from your suede loafers. My go-to is the Sperry TopSider "No-Show" seen in the above photo. 

#4 - These Shoes were made for dancin'

Top Left - Sebago Docksides Top Right - Magnanni Loafers Bottom Left - Paul Parkman Wingtips Bottom Right - Cole Haan Saddle

With all the bumping and grinding that is probably going to happen at this wedding, your feet need to be well taken care of. This means, comfortability paired with great style. Depending on your style, and suit choice, various choices of fun, great feeling shoes are available to you. The standard boat shoe with a flair of color by Sebago is a great choice for an outdoor wedding, paired with a khaki or tan suit. For a black-tie affair, the white and black two-tone wingtip is a sure way to get some attention, and twerk your way to the middle of the conga line! For your mis-match suit, or stylish navy three-piece with fun shirt combo, hit up the brown loafer or always ill-matic grey suede saddle shoe with colored rubber sole! The rubber sole in the Cole Haan saddle shoe will allow you to not only teach everyone how to dougie, but then go out for post wedding drinks, and pole grind at the local watering hole. Your feet will thank you!!

Bottom line is to have the best time possible at the weddings you have been so kindly invited to. The wedding party/their parents have paid GOOD money for you to be there, eat there, drink there, and dance there. So be sure to have a blast, take lots of pics, and hit on as many old ladies as possible. Remember to use #thefashionableman so we can all see your style! 


Have fun, and look good doing it!!


Real Men Accessorize

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Real Men Accessorize

One of the most eye catching parts of a man's outfit is the accessories that he decides to wear with it. Whether it be as simple as a tie, or as fun as a lapel pin, a man's accessory can say a lot about him, and his eye for style. Women accessorize with purses, scarves, head bands, and finger nails to show off their beauty and femininity. Why can a gentleman not do the same with a pocket square and a new watch? I believe that real men accessorize! They know how to accent parts of our outfit to make it pop, be pleasing to the eye, and be masculine at the same time. Today I am going to discuss my favorite men's accessories, and how, if worn correctly and matched (or mis matched) accordingly, can really set off your look!

The Pocket Square, The Lapel Pin, and The Wrist Wear will be discussed in depth below. However there are a number of other accessories that should not go without mention. All of which will add fun and personality to your daily style.

Ties, bow ties, cuff links, shoe laces, shoes (see earlier post about this), scarves, gloves, socks (or no socks), belts, suspenders, tie bars.

As I enjoy wearing all of the aforementioned pieces, check out and follow my instagram feed for daily pictures of outfits, accessories, where to find them, and how they look. Please provide feedback, I'd love to hear from you!

The Pocket Square

For those of you who don't know, a pocket square is a piece of fabric, usually square in cut, that is worn in your suit breast pocket. It can brighten your suit with a pop of color, or finish your look to match your shirt or tie you are wearing. There is no trick, in my opinion to wearing this fun accessory. As GQ says in "' The GQ Guide to Pocket Squares' - This is an ART, not a science"  If you want to be more casual, or more formal, or plainly show how you are feeling on that specific day, a pocket square fold can suit your mood or occasion. Look on YouTube for 40 million(ish) videos on how to do so (click the link...I made it easy for you).

Pocket Square - Nordstom

Now that you have decided the pocket square is manly enough for you to rock, you are going need to decide which one to get. If you are a first timer, make it simple, go all white. An all white pocket square literally goes with anything. However to mix it up a bit, think about the outfit you are wearing the square with. As said before, this is an art, not a science. Patterns don't need to go with patterns, nor colors with colors, just make sure the damn thing matches something on your body, or you'll look like Ace Ventura.

Just like there are more than one way to skin a cat, there are more than one way to fold a pocket square. The simplest, most effective way to wear a pocket square is the puff. Grab the fabric, bunch it together, puff out one end of it, stick in the coat pocket, and BOOM, you're done. For a casual night out, such as in the picture above, or a more formal business attire or event, such as the picture below, the puff is perfect.

Pocket Square - Nordstom

The Lapel Pin

You are probably most used to seeing lapel pins worn by the President of the United States wearing an American Flag pin on his suit lapel. And then while wearing a suit, seeing that button hole on the left lapel and asking yourself WTF is that doing there, it doesn't even have an opening. Well, that button hole does have a purpose, it is there for us fashionable men to stick a cool pin in. There are various options of pin to stick in that hole. Of course your patriotic American Flag pin, a cool brass pin by Hugh and Crye that says something about your personality such as a picture locket (<-- BTW, a cool local DC company that also sells pocket squares, but core product is their shirts, providing an interesting new take on sizing) or a stylish fabric flower (my fav).

Lapel Pin - Suited Man

Lapel Pin - Suited Man


Many people reserve the flower lapel pin for proms or weddings. However, when made from fabric, flower lapel pins pull the color from your shirt and accent the pocket square. In the above picture, I am wearing a silk blue and white polka dot flower lapel pin to match the blue in the jacket. In the below picture, I am wearing a purple burlap flower lapel pin to pull the purple from the shirt. As long as you match a bold color from a large part of your outfit (jacket, shirt, pant, etc.) the matching color of the floral pin is fantastic. It is a trending accessory that every fashionable man can pull off, and truly adds a finishing touch to your outfit.

Lapel Pin


Suited Man

The Wrist Wear

As most accessories are, jewelry you wear on your hand or wrist are really personal preference. Some men cannot stand to have anything on their wrist or hand. The weight, the uncomfortable feeling, etc. just push some guys away from wearing things on their wrists. However, I am of the feeling that more the merrier. I wear a watch, and multiple bracelets to add even more color to my outfit, and like a lapel pin, accent large parts of my outfit. These accessories can be extremely expensive like a

$6,400 Cartier bangle

, or quite inexpensive $15 beaded bracelete from

. But when worn correctly, to match your outfit, can really add a missing part to the look.



Mont Blanc

Beaded Bracelet

- Custom

Leather Bracelet



There are a bevy of ways to wear this candy on your wrist. To accessorize the watch, on the same wrist, wear matching color bracelets to your shirt and/or watch band. You can rock a couple bracelets on the opposite arm that suit your personality as well as tie in color from the outfit. With wrist wear, you have the freedom to show off what you like, how you like it. I find that my personal style is to wear one bracelet with my watch, with collaborating pieces on the other wrist. Usually no more than 2 pieces on either wrist. However, some people like to go HAM, and decorate to their forearms. To that I say, do you bruh, enjoy it.




Cuff Bangle


Giles and Brother

Wrap Bracele

t -

King Ice

Wrist wear can be used subtly with a sharp business suit, or blatantly with a T-shirt and shorts. Outfit rules need not apply with what you wear on your wrist. Wear however much or little as you want, and match how you like. If you like it, then it looks good!

I bid you all a good week. Step up your accessory game, and start observing guys on the street doing the same. Grab some inspiration from strangers, look at some magazine, and follow me on instagram. There are tons of ways to wear some awesome combinations. Remember, real men accessorize! Have fun, and look good doing it!

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Man's Best Friend - Shoes a 'Fashionable Man' cannot live without


Man's Best Friend - Shoes a 'Fashionable Man' cannot live without

Some bros think they are a real man because they wear Carhartt, Wolverine boots, and know how to hammer a nail into some wood. However, those same manly men will need to go to their daughter's wedding one day, or a formal dinner party for their wife's family. Every guy needs to know how to finish off their look with the perfect pair of shoes.

Many guys have a few sneakers. Maybe a pair you ball with on the court that you bought 4 years ago at the Nike outlet. Maybe another pair you like to wear on the weekends or at the gym lounging in sweats. Yet, few gentlemen decide to spend good money on a pair of nice "dress shoes". Face it, if you rarely wear a suit, then you only need one pair of suit shoes...NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND (Lee Corso voice)!!! You may not need 14 brown leather shoes, and 5 black suede shoes, and 7 various color driving mocs, however dress shoes should be like an ice cream shop, you gotta have options.

Grenson Dylan


Ferragamo Chelsea Boot


Grenson Tom


Magnanni Asino Cognac


Ferragamo Suede Loafer


House of Hounds Dress Slipper

Let us start with 5 essential rules:

  1. No more rubber soled black slip-ons that leave scuff marks when you drag your feet
  2. No more squared toe, two-tone lace ups that has the manufacturer logo on the side of them, of which was popular in 1998
  3. Always use cedar shoe trees (keeps the sweat from killing the leather, and keeps the form)
  4. Store your nice shoes where they will not get crushed by your 4 year old basketball sneaks
  5. If they're not comfy, find a new pair

If you are only in the mood to buy one pair of nice shoes, that can be worn for a formal gathering in a suit, or even nice jeans for nice dinner, the classic Wingtip shoe is a must have. Whichever is you color choice, the wingtip shoe was in style when Columbus crossed the ocean blue, and hasn't gone out since. My personal favorite is the Grenson Dylan shoe. Comes in a multitude of colors, including classic brown, cognac, and black. Personally, I am a fan of the cognac as it brightens the day with a charcoal suit, and brings our the color of dark denim. 

Grenson Dylan

Buying a nice pair of leather shoes is by no means cheap. When it comes to nice shoes, you get what you pay for. However, there are ALWAYS fantastic deals online. I frequent


, and

. All of which have daily deals, usually nice dress shoes, for a fraction of the price you will pay in the stores. Never pay full price if you don't have to; in this age of iPhones, and online store apps, you never should have to!

If you are not into that Eurpoean style, yet need a great shoe at a more affordable price, 

Cole Haan

has created a bevy of selections for the modern and common man. They have teamed up with Nike (however, will be short lived as the teaming contract ends this year), to create quite a modern shoe for the man who walks the city streets. With the Nike Air sole, Cole Haan has reinvented the dress shoe look to incorporate street style, and sneaker comfort.

Cole Haan LunarGrand

Yet their taste in the classic wingtip, or cap toe, or driving moccasin has not changed for years (dating back to 1928 when they were founded). My favorite shoe that is cost effective (~$100), looks great with everything, super comfy, and suitable for all seasons is the brown leather driving moccasin ('driving moc' for short). It is called the driving moc because it has leather pads on the heal of the shoe. This is because before there were racing shoes for car racers, drivers would wear these types of shoes, and the leather pads on the heal would provide grip for the drivers to pivot their heal from brake to clutch as they were driving. Nonetheless, for us who are not necessarily racing cars, however like to look sharp in some new kicks, the driving moc is a great shoe for shorts and no socks, or in the winter cold.

Cole Haan Grant Driver

Finally, my new Best-in-Show shoe. I have recently become quite of fan of this shoe, as it is a classic. Simple, yet formal, and screams nothing but class! The monk strap shoe is the epitome of the dress shoe. You cannot call yourself a Fashionable Man without owning a pair of Monk Straps. Yes, it has a silly name, however these bad boys belong in no 


, and make a vow of celibacy quite difficult when the ladies see these bad boys. Coming in either one or two straps, personal preference shall dictate your clasp quantity. They are the 1985 New Balance Velcro equivalent for the new millennium's modern man. Again coming in all the standard colors, and materials, my personal go-to is the double monk strap by Magnanni. There are many fine shoe companies that sell the monk strap, however the Spanish company Magnanni takes the cake for me. 

Magnanni Benito Black

Under a pant leg, these shoes look like a black tie shoe that could worn with a wedding tuxedo. Yet as the pant leg rises, and those buckles are shown, the hardware on these shoes scream manly. Worn with a nice pin stripe suit, or a solid trouser with a sport coat, these puppies should probably remain for use with dress wear (not saying you can't go rouge style and rock these with jeans or chinos...cause you can). Super easy to put on, super comfortable to walk the streets in, the monk strap shoe is my current #1 seed for dress shoes. You seriously cannot go wrong with this shoe. 

You are now equipped to tackle the dress shoe world, to go out there, get yourself a good deal, and buy yourself your new best friend! Shoes make the outfit in my opinion. Nothing beats that confident feeling of wearing that new pair of shoes you just bought with that outfit you have been thinking of for a week. A smart idea is to try some shoes on in the store first. Decide what fits your personal style, what color is your favorite, what is the price point you want to hit. Once you have answered those questions, go enjoy the experience of shopping around the best deal. 

Enjoy those new kicks! Until next time...have fun, and look good doing it!


The Classic Style Piece...The Mismatched Suit


The Classic Style Piece...The Mismatched Suit

YOLO fashionable men of the world. I'm sure you're wondering a couple things lately:

#1 When is Cory putting up a new post?
#2 What is the illest style combo I can put together?

Well my fashion bros, I am here to give you the keys to the magic kingdom of men's style...

The Mismatched Suit, in my humble opinion (IMHO), is one of the most sexy, artistic, elegant, sleekest combinations of clothing a man can put together! Now, again IMHO, I am a Grey and Navy Blue mismatch suit guy. However, to each their own; the combination of grey and red, purple and white, green and black are equally as fun, and look equally as good*

Jacket and Trousers -


, Shoes and Belt -


, Socks -

Happy Socks

, Shirt -


*caveat - you can look like a Christmas tree, or a leprechaun if you decide to get too bold. But if you would rather look like a halloween character instead of a GQ cover model, do you brother! I also do not recommend black and navy blue, unless you enjoy looking like a bruise, again my opinion.

Jacket/Sweater/Tie -


,  Pants -


,  Shirt -

Charles Tyrwhitt,

Shoes/Belt -


,  Glasses -

Maui Jim

You don'd wear two bold colors on top of each other when you are not wearing a suit (unless you are Johnny Cash in all black or Jay Leno in all denim...LOL), so why should you do it when you DO wear a suit? I am not saying, every time for every occasion you need to mismatch, however if you only have a select amount of suits to choose from every morning, then this effectively doubles your options. You only have a Black and a Grey suit? Now you have 4 outfit options to choose!

  1. Black Pants/Black Jacket
  2. Black Pants/Grey Jacket
  3. Grey Pants/Grey Jacket
  4. Grey Pants/Black Jacket

Now that you have doubled your wardrobe, and I've just blown your mind, you have figure out what shoes to put on (that are not the 1994 edition black pleather-no-longer-has-a-sole joints. Grab your nuts, fork over some cash, and buy a nice pair of leather shoes...we will get to this buy decision on another fashionable man blog post. But for now, just don't wear your hideous church shoes your aunt bought you 13 Easters ago), and what shirt will go with. I also enjoy throwing in a pocket square that matches or accents your shirt. It throws a dash of color into the mix, and spices up the outfit with a finishing touch (and don't get me start with all the funkadelic accessories to start rocking...yet another fashionable man blog post for that too! Just remember, #RealMenAccessorize...we'll come back to that soon)!

Not only is this combo good for a dinner date, or evening out with your boo, but work professional, brunch, wine's good for it all! Go all pastel with it at a horse race in the summer like I did below, or rock some darker tones to a winter holiday meal like I did above.

Jacket/Pants -


, Bow Tie -


, Lapel Pin -

The Crimson Poppy

, Shirt -


The Mismatch Suit is simple and fun, and it looks DAMN good. Go crazy, go bold, go H.A.M. Enjoy your week fashionable men. Until next time...Have fun, and look good doing it!


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Welcome to the BLOG game!!

Bienvenidos to all my fellow fashionistas out there!

This is my first blog, call me DJ Drama cause WE IN THIS BITCH! I will start with the intro to me, my reasons for being here, and what you can expect in the coming posts.

I think fashion is in the eye of the beholder! Some bros like snap-back flat bills, zip-up hoodies, and skinny jeans. Some bros like bow ties, pocket squares, and suede loafers. I am the type of braj that likes a combo of all. Very much into the Justin Timberlake 'Suit & Tie' scene,

 but have been known to cut a rug in some Tims, light wash jeans with a thermal, ya dig!

My name is Cory, and I live in the DC Metropolitan area. I am your standard 9-5 business man, have a wife and kid, and love men's fashion, rap music, dancing, all sports, and having a good time with anyone that wants to hang with! I am that dude in the office the other men say shit to about what I wear, and all the ladies compliment. Therefore, I tell the guys, "Your wife wishes you dress like I do", and that usually shuts them up!
My interest (some would call it a passion) for men's wear is what landed me here; to talk to you guys, and spread some illmatic ideas and fun.

I think THE FASHIONABLE MAN is someone that represents their own style, interprets fashion as they see it, and isn't afraid to do something out of the ordinary!
With this foray into the blogosphere, I aim to inspire readers on attire ideas, what clothing to put together, accessorize as they want (because IMHO #realmenaccessorize), and talk about what inspires me. You can expect blog posts about my #ootd (outfit of the day), some thoughts behind that outfit, men's fashion ideas that inspire me and my thoughts on them, combination ideas, accessory ideas, etc.

With that, I hope you all enjoy the blog. Please leave feedback and comments - good or bad.

You can also follow me on instagram @the_fashionable_man.

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