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The Classic Style Piece...The Mismatched Suit


The Classic Style Piece...The Mismatched Suit

YOLO fashionable men of the world. I'm sure you're wondering a couple things lately:

#1 When is Cory putting up a new post?
#2 What is the illest style combo I can put together?

Well my fashion bros, I am here to give you the keys to the magic kingdom of men's style...

The Mismatched Suit, in my humble opinion (IMHO), is one of the most sexy, artistic, elegant, sleekest combinations of clothing a man can put together! Now, again IMHO, I am a Grey and Navy Blue mismatch suit guy. However, to each their own; the combination of grey and red, purple and white, green and black are equally as fun, and look equally as good*

Jacket and Trousers -


, Shoes and Belt -


, Socks -

Happy Socks

, Shirt -


*caveat - you can look like a Christmas tree, or a leprechaun if you decide to get too bold. But if you would rather look like a halloween character instead of a GQ cover model, do you brother! I also do not recommend black and navy blue, unless you enjoy looking like a bruise, again my opinion.

Jacket/Sweater/Tie -


,  Pants -


,  Shirt -

Charles Tyrwhitt,

Shoes/Belt -


,  Glasses -

Maui Jim

You don'd wear two bold colors on top of each other when you are not wearing a suit (unless you are Johnny Cash in all black or Jay Leno in all denim...LOL), so why should you do it when you DO wear a suit? I am not saying, every time for every occasion you need to mismatch, however if you only have a select amount of suits to choose from every morning, then this effectively doubles your options. You only have a Black and a Grey suit? Now you have 4 outfit options to choose!

  1. Black Pants/Black Jacket
  2. Black Pants/Grey Jacket
  3. Grey Pants/Grey Jacket
  4. Grey Pants/Black Jacket

Now that you have doubled your wardrobe, and I've just blown your mind, you have figure out what shoes to put on (that are not the 1994 edition black pleather-no-longer-has-a-sole joints. Grab your nuts, fork over some cash, and buy a nice pair of leather shoes...we will get to this buy decision on another fashionable man blog post. But for now, just don't wear your hideous church shoes your aunt bought you 13 Easters ago), and what shirt will go with. I also enjoy throwing in a pocket square that matches or accents your shirt. It throws a dash of color into the mix, and spices up the outfit with a finishing touch (and don't get me start with all the funkadelic accessories to start rocking...yet another fashionable man blog post for that too! Just remember, #RealMenAccessorize...we'll come back to that soon)!

Not only is this combo good for a dinner date, or evening out with your boo, but work professional, brunch, wine's good for it all! Go all pastel with it at a horse race in the summer like I did below, or rock some darker tones to a winter holiday meal like I did above.

Jacket/Pants -


, Bow Tie -


, Lapel Pin -

The Crimson Poppy

, Shirt -


The Mismatch Suit is simple and fun, and it looks DAMN good. Go crazy, go bold, go H.A.M. Enjoy your week fashionable men. Until next time...Have fun, and look good doing it!


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Welcome to the BLOG game!!

Bienvenidos to all my fellow fashionistas out there!

This is my first blog, call me DJ Drama cause WE IN THIS BITCH! I will start with the intro to me, my reasons for being here, and what you can expect in the coming posts.

I think fashion is in the eye of the beholder! Some bros like snap-back flat bills, zip-up hoodies, and skinny jeans. Some bros like bow ties, pocket squares, and suede loafers. I am the type of braj that likes a combo of all. Very much into the Justin Timberlake 'Suit & Tie' scene,

 but have been known to cut a rug in some Tims, light wash jeans with a thermal, ya dig!

My name is Cory, and I live in the DC Metropolitan area. I am your standard 9-5 business man, have a wife and kid, and love men's fashion, rap music, dancing, all sports, and having a good time with anyone that wants to hang with! I am that dude in the office the other men say shit to about what I wear, and all the ladies compliment. Therefore, I tell the guys, "Your wife wishes you dress like I do", and that usually shuts them up!
My interest (some would call it a passion) for men's wear is what landed me here; to talk to you guys, and spread some illmatic ideas and fun.

I think THE FASHIONABLE MAN is someone that represents their own style, interprets fashion as they see it, and isn't afraid to do something out of the ordinary!
With this foray into the blogosphere, I aim to inspire readers on attire ideas, what clothing to put together, accessorize as they want (because IMHO #realmenaccessorize), and talk about what inspires me. You can expect blog posts about my #ootd (outfit of the day), some thoughts behind that outfit, men's fashion ideas that inspire me and my thoughts on them, combination ideas, accessory ideas, etc.

With that, I hope you all enjoy the blog. Please leave feedback and comments - good or bad.

You can also follow me on instagram @the_fashionable_man.

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