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Being the Best "Dressed" Man this Summer's Wedding Season - A sure-fire way to look better than the groom, and hook up with a Bridesmaid


Being the Best "Dressed" Man this Summer's Wedding Season - A sure-fire way to look better than the groom, and hook up with a Bridesmaid

Some dudes hate getting dressed up. The rest of classier male population take the opportunity to dress up as an opportunity to turn heads.

This year's wedding season (which started about a month ago...sorry for the tardy blog post), gives us the chance to show out. Bust out our fav suit, wear that tie you got for Christmas (or Hanukkah), and shoes you never get to wear.  You've heard the rule, "don't look better than the groom", I say f#*k that noise. Follow my guide to being the best dressed man at the wedding (or 8 weddings) you were invited to this summer. You will be the highlight of the mass amount of Facebook and Instagram pictures taken that night. #weddingpics

#1 - Put that solid dark suit away

Jacket -John Varvatos Tie/Pocket Square -The Tie Bar Shirt -Charles Tyrwhitt Pants - H&M Shoes - Salvatore Ferragamo Lapel Pin -Suited Man

Break the 2010 mold, and go 1970's. No one died, you're not a funeral, keep the dark suit in the closet. A wedding is a time of celebration, so celebrate your sense of style in a fun pattern, or atypical pastel color blazer. One rule however - make sure it is tailored and fits your correctly. If not, you have the chance of looking like Bill Nye the Science Guy. Also, if you are going with an eye popping jacket, bring yourself back to reality with a solid shirt and matching tie. Although you want attention, you don't want the bride to kick you out. 

#2 - Spread that collar and put some hardware on your wrist


Okay, maybe you simply cannot go out and get a new suit, I get it. You are limited to the navy one you bought 5 years ago for graduation. So spice up your life (Spice Girl reference FTW) with a sharp color, sharp pattern, and sharp edges on your shirt. Charles Tyrwhitt has a plethora of options of various fits, spread collar, patterned shirts that are simply made for the wedding season. The "Spread Collar" shirt - which is exactly as the name suggests; a collar that is spread out wide - accentuates your manly neck, adds class to your look, and gives you the ability to rock a phat a$$ tie knot. Then you must close your shirt details with your fav cuff links. My personal rule, french cuff or GTFO...#justsayin

#3 - No "Show" Sock Saturdays

Shoes - Salvatore Ferragamo Pants - H&M Socks - Sperry TopSider "No-Show"

Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of the sock. The more outlandish, the better. However, for the summer wedding season, I am all about no show sock Saturday! It is a fun way to remove a layer of heat inducing fabric, while maintaining a clean sleek look to your wedding suit. I know, you are saying, "no way! Those shoes will spell like a dead animal after a night of dancing and walking around with no socks on." Well, people smarter than us have come up with a cleaver "no-show" sock. It gives the appearance of no sock, however provides that thin layer of sweat protection from your suede loafers. My go-to is the Sperry TopSider "No-Show" seen in the above photo. 

#4 - These Shoes were made for dancin'

Top Left - Sebago Docksides Top Right - Magnanni Loafers Bottom Left - Paul Parkman Wingtips Bottom Right - Cole Haan Saddle

With all the bumping and grinding that is probably going to happen at this wedding, your feet need to be well taken care of. This means, comfortability paired with great style. Depending on your style, and suit choice, various choices of fun, great feeling shoes are available to you. The standard boat shoe with a flair of color by Sebago is a great choice for an outdoor wedding, paired with a khaki or tan suit. For a black-tie affair, the white and black two-tone wingtip is a sure way to get some attention, and twerk your way to the middle of the conga line! For your mis-match suit, or stylish navy three-piece with fun shirt combo, hit up the brown loafer or always ill-matic grey suede saddle shoe with colored rubber sole! The rubber sole in the Cole Haan saddle shoe will allow you to not only teach everyone how to dougie, but then go out for post wedding drinks, and pole grind at the local watering hole. Your feet will thank you!!

Bottom line is to have the best time possible at the weddings you have been so kindly invited to. The wedding party/their parents have paid GOOD money for you to be there, eat there, drink there, and dance there. So be sure to have a blast, take lots of pics, and hit on as many old ladies as possible. Remember to use #thefashionableman so we can all see your style! 


Have fun, and look good doing it!!