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Seasonal Style Starter Kit: Spring 2018


Seasonal Style Starter Kit: Spring 2018

The first day of Spring is March 20th; the weather is going to start to change, the colors are going to start to get brighter, and we fashion fools need/should change along with it.  Let’s start getting away from the drab black and greys, and start entering the fun pinks and greens. Depart from the wool and flannel and come into breathable linen and cotton.

As the seasons change, it becomes time to get our closets and minds ready for the transition. It can be a slow and drawn out process, especially with weather as finicky as it has been, but the Spring sales are starting to pop up, and we all should be taking advantage.

Spring fashion means no-show socks, t-shirts, light-weight jackets, and jeans other than black and dark blue. Oh, and color on color on color!! Starting this year, I am going to be bringing you some fun seasonal looks to get your creative stylish minds brewing. I will be calling it the “Seasonal Style Starter Kit”. Hopefully this will allow you to get some inspiration to come up with some awesome season-appropriate outfits as the year and weather goes through its paces.

This first edition of the #SSSK (Seasonal Style Starter Kit, for those of you that forgot) I am starting off with linen. That’s right, I said it! LINEN. An underrated fabric, that usually is associated with Miami, and beach weddings. But, if worn right, can be used outside of Dade County and sandy ceremonies.

Personally, I am more of a linen shirt/jacket guy than I am a linen pant guy. Everyone knows I like my pants to be painted to my legs, and usually linen doesn’t come in skinny distressed which is my norm. But, a linen shirt can be used as a work shirt, a go out shirt, or a BBQ grilling shirt.

My preference is not the standard white linen, however. But to go with color (which is really my M.O. with all clothes). Although a little harder to match with many outfits, adding that color adds character to the outfit, and lets the shirt and outfit as a whole stand out.

My GO-TO for all things linen is Cubavera ( Owned by Perry Ellis International, Inc. (owns Perry Ellis, Original Penguin, and many others), Cubavera has 100% linen shirts, suits, and yes pants, for basically any look you are going for. I own a short sleeve salmon-colored button up, and I have a long sleeve pink club shirt.

To show you the linen shirt really can be used as a versatile shirt, I styled it with some green denim from Mavi (, and boat shoes (because how appropriate is linen and boat shoes?!?!) from Sperry ( Of course you don’t need to go over-the-top with the green denim (b/c blue denim would look great too), but like I said adding color adds character!!

So, to start off the Spring Seasonal Style Starter Kit (#SSSSK – that’s some alliteration!), go with linen, denim, and a minimal shoe. Feel free to throw a light jacket in there as well if you’d like – it will only increase the dopeness of the outfit!! Let me know what you think of linen, and what you think of the #SSSK, and if you have any questions or recommendations for future editions.

Remember, have fun, and look good doing it!





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