When I hear Timberland Boot Co. I am used to thinking about the old school Timberland boots. If you didn't have Tims (short for Timberlands), you didn't fold the tongue down, the soles weren't two-tone, you were not cool, period! And, truthfully, I pretty much subscribed to this thought until fairly recently. I still have my Rust Nubuck 6" Premium Boots (or Cinnamon Tims as the kids say) that I have had since my freshman year of college (2004). I can remember using a paper-clip and tying the laces around the tongue to keep it folded down. I certainly was aware of the fact that Timberland made more products, like hiking boots and other outdoor gear, but I liked the old school boots, and I liked what I knew. 

However, when you get offered to try out gear from an iconic brand, that has a household name like Timberland, you DO NOT turn it down. When I was asked if I could try out some of their new Spring line, part of the #ModernTrail campaign, of course, as I mentioned, I could not turn this down. Per my personal rule about my blog and my IG page, I don't post or write about things I don't know. Well, I know and like Timberland, so I was so excited to have the opportunity to try out some of the new line and post about them. 

I was lucky enough to be able to choose from the newly released Spring Selection, and choose a combination that I thought I could wear throughout the early spring, and were both FUNCTIONAL and FASHIONABLE (story of my life!!). I ended up choosing the 6" Lineman Boots in Russet Full-Grain color, and the Mount Walsh Waterproof Blazer


I have to say, if packaging meant anything about the product, these things were going to kill. Custom made box specifically for these boots and wrapped in their own lint bags, these boots were like unwrapping a Chanel bag, except, they were BOOTS!

They are visually complex, with leather wrapping around the toe, awesome waxed leather around the ankle, and heavy duty laces that looked like they are meant for hanging meat! Once I put them on, I could fully appreciate the quality of these shoes. I don't really know how to put it - they look like they are made for a man to wear digging ditches, or working on power-lines, but they are as comfortable as a 70 year old lady's walking shoe. I mean, seriously, they are stupid comfy. Not only are they comfortable to wear, all day, on my feet, but the ruggedness of them have this mysteriously fashionable and fun vibe. 

I paired the boots with a medium-wash jean, but they could have certainly worked well with camo or grey or even black (yes, I know people don't like black and browns together, but IMHO, it works!). They are a great stylish compliment to any outfit. Although fairly rugged in style, wearing these with a t-shirt or light color button-down would go perfectly!

I am super happy with these boots. They really do symbolize the #ModernTrail, and they are super fun to wear. Don't be shy about wearing boots in the Spring time, and don't be shy about wearing them confidently with a fun spring outfit.



When I saw the word 'blazer' I was hooked. Then I saw the word 'waterproof' and it was like an oxymoron that was meant to be. A waterproof blazer? What in the new technology is going on over there at TimBroLand??

Not only does everyone need a raincoat, but a fashionable raincoat, that could double as a blazer...shut the front door!! I ordered a medium, and it fit me exactly how I wanted it to. It also fit well with either wearing a t-shirt, or wearing a button down. Not like your traditional navy blazer, with notched lapels and 2 buttons, this blazer was meant for the outdoors (oxymoron #2 in my mind). This jacket fit like a suit coat, but wore like a raincoat. With big pockets on the outside, a brass zipper that stops just before the waist, and a removable hood, this jacket has all the makings of Fashionable and Functional. 

I wore the jacket two ways, just to see if I could really pull it off. One way with a shirt and tie, and another way, more casual with an open button-down and t-shirt. This jacket, in my opinion, worked well worn both ways (see for yourself below). Not only was it a great layer for a Spring day, but it really is waterproof. I put it through the test recently on a rainy Sunday, and it was perfect. Then I took it out the next day to work, and wore it with a more business-casual outfit, and again it worked wonderfully.

Seemingly designed to be an outdoor jacket, to be worn on the #ModernTrail, it works well with many different genres of outfit. The waterproof blazer is a real thing, and Timberland did a great job on this jacket.



Let me know what you think of the boots and jacket. Comment below, or find me on Instagram @the_fashionable_man. For more product inquiries, or brand influences, send me an email, or contact me here.


Have fun, look good doing it!!


All photos courtesy of Ian Sbalcio - @isbalcio - www.iansbalcio.com