Welcome to the new site. Welcome to new experiences. Welcome, to the friendly home of TFM - where drab is turned to Chic!


As always, I aim to show others the world of men's fashion and aspects of life that I enjoy. I write about, and post about, things that I know and like. My goal when I started this blog, and what continues to be my passion, is to help influence others and their daily outfit and style ideas. 

A lot of great guys in the world sometimes have trouble figuring out what to wear to work, or to school, a special occasion, or to the gym. I want to be that go-to spot where any guy, and I mean ANY GUY, can come and find inspiration on what to wear, how to create a look, and how to carry all the confidence in the world in their daily life!

As always, have fun, and look good doing it!!



More to come...stay tuned!