Need some ideas on what to get your man for Valentine’s Day? I’ve got you covered. Below I am sharing my top 4 ideas on some ‘outside the box’ ideas on what you can surprise your significant other with on this Valentine’s Day!

First thing up: a bracelet from Giles and Brother

This is not any ordinary bracelet for a man…it’s manly! The collection these guys have going on is very masculine, very industrial, and would be great on any man’s wrist.

My personal favorite is the railroad spike, or the nut and bolt!

You can also get them personalized with a name or date, to make it that much more special for your man!

They also have an entire line of women’s jewelry, so let’s not leave the ladies out!!

This is not a normal men’s barbershop experience. Every cut comes with a shampoo and conditioner wash - which is by far the best part of the experience. Your man can enjoy some real Man-Pampering (or Manpering)!

Book your appointment online with any one of their master barbers or barbers!

I am someone that takes real pride in my hair, as well as won’t let just anyone touch this masterpiece. However, I have used FOUR barbers at Hendricks, and has never been disappointed. The atmosphere is cool, masculine, and everyone is in there to have a good time and to have the best experience possible! This is a great indulgence for your man - get his ‘manpering’ on!!

Beard or Hair Grooming Kit from BeardBrand

Now that your man has a haircut, and is looking fresh from Hendrick’s he needs some tools to maintain that amazing flow!

Whether he is a beard guy, or needs some hair products, the curated kits from Beardbrand are perfect. The kits are great for getting started, building out what you already have in your grooming routine or as gifts. They've put together a number of different kits based on what you need; from small sets to the full shabang - we've got something for you or who you're shopping for!
Shop all kits here!!

Let’s go to the gym - at BLAST DC


This 60 min High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout class is not only one of the best workouts you will get, but it perfect for anyone at every level of fitness.

Each class is guided by a trainer, which describes each movement, and is there every second of the 60 min class. Not to mention, the music in the class is perfect, and just enhances the experience and the amazing atmosphere and mood of the class.

Not only is this an amazing Valentine’s Day gift idea for him, but you and your partner can go together. THE FIRST CLASS IS FREE.

Not sure you read that correctly? FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE. Did I mention, you don’t pay for the first class? Sign up for your first free class here!!

And, if you do decide to sign up and get a membership:

1) Tell them Cory Luckett or The Fashionable Man sent you and you get a discount on your membership

2) You can bring your “gym crush” for FREE each and every time they come with you for the month of February.

Go as a group, or individually, get the first free class, and enjoy the entire experience!

Remember, look good, and have fun doing it!!

Reach out to me here by leaving a comment, or email me if you have any questions about the gift ideas, or want other information/details!!