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Father’s Day: the one day a year us badass dads get the glory! Spoiled with gifts, nice compliments from the family, and showered with love. It’s just like your birthday 2.0 LOL


In all seriousness, Father’s Day is a day to show love and appreciation for Dads everywhere. Sometimes a great card and a round of golf will suffice, but when you want to get Dad something special, look no further than my TFM Father’s Day Gift Guide 2018. I have curated some great ideas on what to get your dad, your father-in-law, tell your wife to get you if you’re a dad, or just to buy yourself if you’re not a dad. These items are all things that will go a long way to show that special fatherly figure how much you love him, and enable you to get him dressing and looking more 2018, and less 1988.

1. First off the bat, we are going linen!! It is June, it’s usually hot in most parts of the world (sorry for those of you that live where it is still cold), and linen now is not like it used to be.

Tropical Spaced Floral Shirt with Shorts

Tropical Spaced Floral Shirt with Shorts


Personally, I think a printed linen shirt is the way to go. I am rocking this Cubavera linen short-sleeve button up, and with white denim, then again with shorts. This shirt, and all linen shirts, are so versatile, that they can be worn more formally, to a wedding with a suit, or casually out to lunch with the family.

Tropical Spaced Floral Shirt with Con

Tropical Spaced Floral Shirt with Con

Cubavera is the go-to brand for everything linen. If you’re not feeling the printed style, go for the Guayabera linen shirt. It comes in all sizes, big and tall, and all types of colors. And if you’re not into that, and your dad wants to go straight Miami with it, hit him with some OG white linen pants (not pictured, but I know they carry them).


2. Next item for Dad has everything to do with grooming. If he is a beard man, or if he even cares slightly about his appearance, the Beardbrand kit is the way to go.

Four Vices Beardman's Kit

Four Vices Beardman's Kit

My personal favorite scent is Four Vices. It’s a tad smokey, very masculine, and not overpowering at all. This awesome company, out of Austin, TX has an array of men’s grooming products. I am a huge fan of the beard oil (their core), and the styling balm (the only product I am using in my hair right now).





Ok, let me just talk about this Styling Balm for a second. Definetly my favorite product of the entire product line (well, maybe tied with the Four Vices beard oil). I have been on a mad search for a good balm or pomade to use in my hair. And if you know me, you know I take my hair VERY seriously. This Styling Balm is a perfect match of enough hold, and flexibility. It allows my hair to move as much as I want it to, but also stay in place after working out at the gym. I promise you, not matter what product you get from these guys, you will not be disappointed.


3. Speaking of hair, get the man a gift certificate for a haircut AND beard trim/neck massage/shampoo.


Don’t cheap out, and give him $15 to Hair Cuttery, which includes tip (no disrespect to Hair Cuttery). Find a local men’s barbershop in your area, and get the man a fine shape up. If he's anything like me, he doesn’t trust just any Joe with his hair. So, do some research, investigate the shop and the barbers there, and make it a good experience. I promise you, spending the extra money for him, and letting him get a taste of first class hair treatment will bring him back with a huge smile on his face.


For those of you in the D.C. area, I highly recommend Hendricks Gentlemen’s Barbershop in Arlington, VA. Just walking in there, you know it is special. Now, you are going to have to pay some coin for the cut, but I promise you there is no stone left unturned when visiting this place. The barbers, the shampoo ladies, the front desk staff -everything is top notch!


4. For the OG Dad that isn’t a standard pocket square guy yet, but you want him to be...get him a pocket square.

But, not just any pocket square! Get an American Handkerchief handkerchief, but to be used as a pocket square (or anything actually)!

Now, not all dudes wear pocket squares, and not all OG Dads carry around a handkerchief, but this is something for everyone. Touted as a all around, everyday carry cloth, for $10, you can get an American made handkerchief that is so multipurpose, Dad can be the most sartorial woodsmen in his American Legion Lodge. My favorite pattern is Red Gingham, Peach Paisley, or the Pink Floral, but there are plenty to choose from, depending on your feels on pattern or solids. Probably the best deal on the Father’s Day Gift Guide, and also one of my personal favorite details!


5. Finally, for the more fashion forward Father, let’s talk about some wrist wear.

Jonas Studio Chain Double Wrap & Giles and Brother

Recently, I have become a big fan of stacking bracelets. Specifically, more metal type of bracelets. Bangles, wraps (as seen above), etc. are perfect to pair with a watch, or stack on top of each other. Now, if you don’t know what stacking bracelets means, it is fairly self explanatory. Wear multiple bracelets at a time, basically on top of each other (see above photo of my Giles and Brother Silver Railroad Spike and Brass Latch Cuff).

This is the gift that can keep on giving. Every year, you can add to the collection. You can add various pieces to go with each other, to mix and match. It is a fun accessory that can really set an outfit apart from one another.


As always, please feel free to reach out to me with questions, brand recommendations, outfit ideas, etc. Happy Father’s Day to all the kick ass dads out there! Have fun, and look good doing it!!



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