Just this week I had the opportunity to host a segment on a local TV show here in DC, Great Day Washington. It is a show that runs daily, from 9-10AM, and talks Fashion, Food, Lifestyle, and all things DC. I had the honor of coming on the show to talk about Men’s Fashion, and my 5 essential, and affordable things every guy needs to be a Fashionable Man.

DC Mens Fashion

It was an amazing experience, and of course super nerve wracking being my first time speaking on television. My wife and I rehearsed 100 times (I should put up a clip of a home video we did so I could see what I looked like when I was speaking), which was SUPER helpful. And then rehearsed by myself probably another 50 times by myself the morning of.

I can’t wait to do another segment, and promote new brands, and new styles, and new men’s fashion tips for everyone to see!! Watch the video, let me know what you think, and give me some feedback for next time I am on screen!

The Fashionable Man on Great Day Washington

Now to the 5 essentials. This list is made to be additions to your existing wardrobe. Every guy has a closet full of clothes. But, there are some essentials, that when added to an outfit, can make all the difference in the world. Here are my top 5 essentials every man needs in their wardrobe to make them a Fashionable Man, and not break the bank!

Cutaway Collar Shirt

Away with the traditional button down collar shirt, and in with the Cutaway Collar! The cutaway collar is similar to the well known spread collar, but even more spread - literally cut away from the top button. It’s a very European look, but can and should be used by everyone.  It is slimming to the neckline, and adds some sharp angles and cleanliness to an otherwise classic suit and tie outfit. This shirt is from Trashness, and online boutique, and is around $50  - Free shipping worldwide!

The Pocket Square

Our next power piece is something every guy needs to incorporate into their suits. It is most definitely the Pocket Square - and really the accessories added to the blazer. 

To me, any suit is an incomplete look without a pocket square. The one I am wearing, and this one above is from The Tie Bar - which has a store on P St. here in DC, and is $10. (Mine actually is inspired by the District of Columbia)

Adding this small piece of fabric adds a completely new dimension to a typically plain suit. One word of advice is to start off plain, then work up to the patterns. Remember to beware of clashing patterns with your tie and shirt.

When wearing a pocket square, my rule is that it must match something in your outfit. Pull from a color in your tie, in the shirt, in the suit. My rule of thumb is no more than 2 patterns, or 3 if you like to live dangerously. Therefore, it’s a balance between your suit, shirt, tie and pocket square. Some things need to stay solid, and then use patterns on the others. And, as always, if you have questions - just reach out and ask me!

Leather Sole, Brown Leather Shoes

It is time to get away from the rubber bottom shoes. No more leaving rub marks on the floor behind you when you walk. 

The leather bottom brown leather shoe is our next essential addition. Shown here I am wearing a captoe Oxford from Beckette Simonon and double monk strap from Magnanni. There are a ton of options with brown leather shoes; from colors to styles, to laces v. no laces. However, these are two of my favorite options - captoe and monk strap.

I say brown because it can go with literally everything. Jeans, blue suit, grey suit, black suit - yes, I said BLACK suit with brown shoes - trust me, it works!!

However, remember the rule - your shoes must match your belt. These Beckette Simonon shoes are on sale online for $199, but you can save another 20% with the promo code FASHIONABLE at checkout.

No-Show Socks

While we are on the topic of shoes, and our feet, a vastly underrated, but extremely fashionable move right now is the use of no-show socks. It looks like you are wearing no socks, however you are actually wearing what is known as No-Show socks. They are small socks that cover the bottoms and sides of your foot, but doesn’t stick out past the height of your shoe. Giving the appearance you’re not wearing socks!

Showing bare ankle is very IN right now, and in my opinion, very stylish and chic. I wear no-show socks until probably January when I just can’t take the cold ankles anymore. Wear them with you new leather shoes, or even your casual sneakers on the weekend. It accentuates the shoe, adds a little personality to the outfit, and is a subtle way to be a little fashionably edgy. 

Remember to get the socks with the rubber on the heal so they don’t fall down under your feet. My favorite pair is from Sperry, which I got from DSW. 3 pairs for $14 - can’t beat it!!

Denim Jacket

Finally, our last essential is the denim jacket. Most certainly the largest statement piece of our 5 essentials and definitely and one of my most favorite items. Fall and winter style to me is all about the layers and the denim jacket is a perfect year round addition to those layers. Typically worn as a casual piece, with jeans and maybe a t-shirt or a hoodie, but it certainly can also be paired with a more business look with a shirt and tie.

My personal rule is not to wear the same color denim jacket and pants, however I have seen it done before, and it certainly was pulled off well. 

This one we are showing is from Levi’s, the Trucker Jacket, and is $70.


Lastly, some things that didn’t make it in my top 5, but need to be discussed are two additions that every guy MUST have in their regular rotation!

1) A good Barber

2) A good Tailor

I take large pride in my hair, I a good barber, who can help you with styling, product, shape, etc. is essential to your look. It is a requirement to keep that head on your shoulders looking good!

And, a good tailor is probably the most underrated essential of all time. Any time there is something you buy off the rack, and you love it, but maybe it doesn’t fit exactly right, GO TO YOUR TAILOR! He/She will know what to do, and can make that piece lay perfectly on you. Whether it be a suit, or jeans, or a button up shirt, take advantage of a good tailor to keep you looking fresh and clean!

Let me know what you think of my top 5 list. Whether I missed something, or if you would change it up. I would love to hear.

I hope you all include these into your regular wardrobe, and come IN WITH THE NEW and OUT WITH THE OLD. Tag me in your pics so I can see all the Fashionable Men around the world.

Have fun, and look good doing it!!!